Intelligence Tip

USGIA Intelligence Tip

Domestic Terrorism strikes when we least expect it. Family has a responsibility to protect family. Adults have a responsibility to protect the children. We must all do what we can to prevent an act of violence that can take the life of a loved one. The USGIA’s Intelligence Tip is designed to help prevent the loss of life with immediate response from the “Tip” information you provide!

Please fill in the following form to provide your confidential information

Tell us a little bit about Yourself

Tell Us a Little Bit About The Person You Are Writing To Us About

3.Are you looking to be paid for the information you are providing?

4.How much do you think you should be paid for this information?

5.We respect you desire to remain anonymous or confidential, please provide us with a name you would like to be referred to as.

6. We will create a non-descreate way to communicate with you to protect you and the information you provide to us. How would you like us to contact you best?(email, text messaging, instant messaging etc?

After you submit your information, we will begin our confidential process. You must provide an initial means for us to contact you. Once we receive your communication, someone from our office will contact you to confirm your confidential code name and your personal identification code. They will then provide you with your new means of communicating further via email, text, instant messgaing etc. Your safety and security is our greatest priority. Our relationships are built on trust and being overly descreate about you and the information provided by you.

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