An intel-driven independent intelligence agency committed to assisting national security and law enforcement initiatives.
"Great technology coupled with outstanding dedication, drive and commitment to excellence are just a few of the elements that make up the USGIA!"
- Anthony Martinez, Director, OPCOM

Our Vision

The United States Gang Intelligence Agency also commonly referred to as the USGIA and U.S. Gang Intelligence, was established in 2011 to implement strategic and modern intelligence gathering efforts related to domestic gangs and organize crime elements engaged in domestic mass victim related acts of violence and crime. The USGIA is an independent domestic intelligence agency dedicated to assisting local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, together with its prosecutors, to identify, analyze, confirm and respond to domestic gang related incidents, organized crime and terrorism. Immediate access…Immediate RESPONSE! Domestic intelligence is critical to our national security. The ability to access critical information, paint the appropriate picture and initiate a rapid response to save lives is invaluable. U.S. Gang Intelligence is comprised of state of the art technology and dedicated people. We are talented and highly effective at exercising diligence, acquiring relevant data, creating accurate profiles of targets and initiating asset control intelligence (“ACI”).

In our pursuit to safe guard America and its citizens from intelligent crimes designed by conspirators seeking to effectuate MVRA’s on U.S. soil or individuals ("lone wolfs") engulfed in false ideology adverse to the security of Americans, we implement best of breed recruitment efforts, high value asset intelligence recruitment and maintain high level security initiatives to protect sensitive information. Do you think you have what it takes? Interested in joining the USGIA? We’d like to hear from you. Send your resume to applications@usgia.org today.

The USGIA is lead by Anthony Martinez, Director of Operations, whose responsibilities include:

  • Implementing strategic hardware, software and other reliable means for the collection of digital and human intelligence and properly distributing such to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, local prosecutors and U.S. Attorney offices nationwide.
  • Correlating, evaluating and classifying intelligence related to national security and providing appropriate dissemination of such intelligence.
  • Providing the overall direction for and coordination of the collection and analysis of gang related intelligence throughout the United States and abroad, independent of and/or in coordination with, other local, state and federal agencies, or other elements of the local state and federal government components, ensuring the most effective use of resources and acquired intelligence.
  • Ensuring the best practices and efforts to defend and protect the citizens of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and from any extreme acts of violence or other mass victim related acts.

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